Atelier for Architecture & Urbanism
Midi is the alibi of Joris Moonen (1983, BE) and Wim Wambecq (1984, BE) to work on design questions (in research and practice) on the fringes of and between architecture, landscape and urban design.

We believe that good projects are context specific proposals that engage with social and spatial realities that go beyond their space of intervention, to reflect back on society as a whole.
Midi acts as a design intermediate for interdisciplinary collaborations that can address complex projects on a wide range of scales.

‘23/12 From january onwards, Midi will work from our new office space, located at Rue Lambert Crickxstraat 19, 1070 Anderlecht

‘23/12 We’re happy to announce we won the competition to develop a masterplan for the former brickyard in Steendorp. In collaboration with Lokus Landscape, Idea Consult, W+B

‘23/11 We are shortlisted for the open call to design a masterplan for an abandoned battery plant in the Dyle valley. In collaboration with Christian Nolf, W+B, Idea Consult.

‘23/11 Midi starts working on a transformation strategy 
for the ‘Vogelhoek’ neighbourhood in Ghent. 

< Bpa Vogelhoek, 1987

`23/10 Site visit to the former brickyard in Steendorp. We are preparing a competition proposal for the transformation of this enclave and its integration in the surrounding Cuesta landscape. In collaboration with Lokus Landscape, Idea Consult, W+B

‘23/09 We submitted the definitive design of the ‘Pomphuis’ project. This derelict pumping and filter station of the former Houthalen coal mine will soon be reactivated as an intriguing water experience witnessing our rapidly changing climate. Looking forward to the next phase! In collaboration with Transsolar KlimaEngineering and V2S stability engineers.  

‘23/03 Wim Wambecq's book on forest urbanism is published by the Arquia Foundation.

>>> More info through this link

< Monte da Ataboeira, an integral vision on the recovery of farm and landscape in the Alentejo region of Portugal.
Presentation model of the preliminary masterplan for Den Hout, Beerse

‘19/10 Submission for the open call to draw up a masterplan for the river Scheldt quays of the beautiful village of Sint-Amands. In collaboration with Global and Atelier Romain

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(Brussels) Rue Lambert Crickxstraat 19, 1070 Anderlecht
(Lisbon)  Rua Edison 7, 1Dto 1000-142 Lisboa