Atelier for Architecture & Urbanism
Midi is the alibi of Joris Moonen (1983, BE) and Wim Wambecq (1984, BE) to work on design questions (in research and practice) on the fringes of and between architecture, landscape and urban design.

We believe that good projects are context specific proposals that engage with social and spatial realities that go beyond their space of intervention, to reflect back on society as a whole.
Midi acts as a design intermediate for interdisciplinary collaborations that can address complex projects on a wide range of scales.

DECEMBER 21 2019    9:24 PM
Conjuring Construction Materials
Trepanning the Water Cooler
Concrete Grimoire

APRIL 1 2020    6:57 PM
Pressure Controlling the Equinox
Cartomancy and Ergonomics
Selecting Devotional Safety Supplies

JUNE 21–22 2020
Adaptive Reuse of the Serpent
Light Rail Layouts by Geotic Liturgy
Sorcerous Community Gardens

Prof. Cecco d’Ascoli
Concordance & Discordance

Dr. Bill Ockham
Transmutation & Formation

Prof. George Bruno
Computational Spirit Theory


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